Personal Trainer
Professional Fitness Competitor
Certified Massage Therapist

In 2006, I began devoting a massive amount of time in the gym. As a result, with the instruction of my trainer, Derek Taylor, President of OPT Fitness. I began to take a serious interest in nutrition and training.

I began training for my first fitness competition in 2006 and I hit the stage in April of 2007 where I placed 4th out of 32 in the national recognized Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition. I later competed in a second show where I placed 1st overall thus allowing me to compete world- wide on a Pro-Status, this is an accomplishment that takes some many years to reach. From that point, moving forward, the Fitness World became the dominant part of my life.

If your body’s not becoming of you, then you should becoming to me.





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