I am passionate about personal training because I know what it means to be out of shape, extremely overweight, and afraid my life may be cut short because I refused to make my health and wellness a priority. All of that changed when I stopped making excuses, decided I deserve to be the healthy, and began my journey toward health and fitness. During the process of incorporating proper nutrition and exercise into my lifestyle my body change dramatically (losing 120 lbs. from a high of 342 lbs. within 18 months). However, the most important changes, and even more transformative were the positive changes to my mind, body, and spirit not visible to the eye. I have never felt more passion, joy, or gratitude for life, and I want nothing more than to share this with as many people as possible before I leave this earth. If you are looking for a trainer that loves helping people, and knows what it means to set a goal and reach it, I can help you become a healthier happier version of yourself.

I have been an athlete the majority of my life participating most notably in football, olympic weightlifting (competing in the Junior Nationals, 2002), and track and field (Ga State finals, 2002).


Weight Loss and Weight Management

One on One personal Training

Strength and Conditioning Training

Nutritional Consultation

Meal Preparation

Majored in Biology and French at Morehouse College

Personal Quote:

“You will know when you are following your passion and purpose when you are required to take a leap off to pursue it.”


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